Frequently Asked Questions

Remember our motto is “Making Gifting Meaningful!”

What is The Pine Tree all about?

This is a platform where anyone can create an event profile or a wishlist profile

What information can I add to my event?

You can add:

How do I create my wishlist and add gift items?

You can create your wishlist by clicking on the '+Wishlist' button, either on the Home page ,or under the 'Wishlists' page. As for adding giftitems:

How do I share my event and/or wishlist with my friends?

You can share your event and/or wishlist by:

What does the 'Mark as Bought' button mean? What does it do?

If you see a gift item in the wishlist that you would love to gift, you can go ahead and 'Mark as Bought' it. When this happens, the gift item is shown as grayed out to other guests, so they don't end up buying the same gift item too. You will be able to see 'Purchased by Me' on any gift item you've marked as bought. Please do remember to actually buy the item too :)

If you have accidentally marked an item as bought – don’t fret! You can unmark it too by just clicking on “Mark as Unbought”. Also, you can buy as many items as you would like – no restriction on that.But please mark the item as “bought” so that we avoid double gifting.

What does the 'Put on Hold' button mean? What does it do?

If you like a gift option, but aren't sure of it for any reason, you may choose to block it for yourself by putting it on "Hold". You can choose to put any one item on “Hold” at any given time in a particular wishlist. If an item is held by you, you will see the message “Held by me”. If you change your mind after putting one item on hold, you can always release the hold and choose another item.

Any item on hold will be held for a maximum period of 24 hours. Beyond that, it will be returned to the Available pool if not marked as bought.

Why can I not see the 'Put on Hold' option on the gift items anymore?

If the event is less than 48 hours away from now, then the “Put on hold” button will disappear.

What if I don't like any of the gift item options specified in the wishlist?

If you are not happy with any of the items available, you can always choose to gift something of your own choice. Or, if you are too late to the party, fret not! You can follow our “gift card” option links to Amazon or Flipkart.

Abra ca dabra gilli gillu fu! The wishes are fulfilled! Everyone’s happy!